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Welcome To The Home Page Of BMDshare

The site for genealogists to share their UK Birth, Marriage and Death Certificate Information.

You can use this site to search for Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates to aid your family research. The site does not contain actual certificates, just the information from them as submitted by others. As all BMD Certificates are subject to copyright we are not allowed to hold or supply images of the certificates. However, as all the certificates have been bought, the owner can share the information on them without being in breach of the law.

This site operates on the generosity of others who willingly share information from their BMD Certificates. This involves filling in the relevant form and submitting the information. At no point does the original certificate leave the owners possession. The site is updated in real time, as soon as you add a certificate it appears on the site. This means the site can be updated many times daily during busy periods. Please see the Submission Rules Page for further details on adding your certificates to the site.

We hope this site can, in time, fill a large gap in all the genealogical information that is available on-line at the lowest cost possible. At the moment the site is free. It will continue to be free until at least December 2012. After this the site may run a paid membership at 1 per year. These charges will be what keeps the site running. To register click the Join Free Here link in the Main Menu (top left hand corner) or Join Free Here.

At the moment we can only accept information from UK BMD Certificates. Please use the Contact Us Link, in the Main Menu, if you have a Certificate from another country that you would like to submit.

You can, of course still order a "real" UK certificate from the General Register Office. The cost since 2003 has been 7 per copy. Up to date fees can be found at the GRO Fee Page. You can also search the Certs For Sale section of the site to see if someone has already purchased, in error, the certificate you need.

The GRO has announced new charges from 6th April 2010. The standard charge for ordering from the GRO rises to 9.25 and to 9.00 when ordering from your local register office.
For more details Click Here.

Thank you for visiting, we hope you enjoy your visit and find the site useful.

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All information contained on this site is solely for personal use in connection with genealogy. The information
may not be publically reproduced, displayed or sold without permission from BMDshare. 2006